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Protection of round column
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Availability: Delivery time ca 6-8 weeks
Delivery time ca 6-8 weeks
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Protection of round column


This article is a one-off production. The price given above refers to a mat with following size:

L (length of protection): 200 cm
a (thickness of protection): 5 cm
d (internal diameter of round column): 15 cm
s (external diameter of round column): 20 cm

Material and measurement

Protection is made of durable PVC material. Inside there is a rigid foam. The protecions can easily and quickly installed and dismantled. CFC-free. This article is produced especially for you. Therefore, the size of your mat is freely selectable.


Seamless and durable PVC material. You can decide, whether your protection mat should be white, yellow, light blue, dark blue, green or red. Additionally, we offer a huge range of ral colours. Please notice that you can print your protection mat with any mofif of choice, e.g. the name of a sponsor.

Assembly system

  • By means of Velcro straps both on pillar and mat
  • By means of metal eyelets: suitable for protections that covers only half of pillar.

Delivery time

4-7 weeks

For a good offer we need following information:

  • Length of protection (-> sketch L)
  • Thickness of protection (-> sketch a)
  • Internal diameter of column (-> sketch d)
  • External diameter of column (-> sketch s)
  • Assembly system (eyelets or velcro)
  • Postcode of place of delivery
  • Desired colour
  • If desired: print

Please send these information at following e-mail addresse: